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Thompson High School Athletics expands long standing partnership with Full Moon Barbeque

The partnership between Thompson High School Athletics and Full Moon Barbeque has a long-standing history, rooted in a shared commitment to excellence and community support. Full Moon Barbeque has been a trusted partner of Thompson High School Athletics for many years. Operated by Naseem Aglouny, Full Moon Barbeque has expanded from its original Southside location to many restaurants across the region, becoming a beloved establishment in the Alabaster community. This partnership has been a testament to the shared values and dedication to success that both Thompson High School Athletics and Full Moon Barbeque embody.

The partnership with Full Moon Barbeque has brought numerous benefits to Thompson High School Athletics. Over the years, Thompson High School Athletics and Full Moon Barbeque have successfully collaborated on various initiatives and events, resulting in the organization of fundraising events, sponsorship opportunities, and community outreach programs. This joint effort not only benefited the athletes but have also fostered a sense of community and pride among students, families, and supporters of Thompson High School Athletics. Full Moon Barbeque is one of the original Corporate partners dating back to 2016. The partnership has been instrumental in the success and achievements of the athletic programs at Thompson High School.

The partnership between Thompson High School Athletics and Full Moon Barbeque has recently expanded, leading to increased sponsorship and support for the athletic programs. This expanded partnership has provided Thompson High School Athletics with additional resources and new marketing opportunities for Full Moon.

Vincent Pitts, Director of Athletics at Thompson High School, said "We couldn't be more grateful for the amazing support Full Moon has offered as a corporate partner. We are hopeful that they feel the same way about Thompson High School Athletics. We are excited to expand our partnership with Full Moon as they morph into a member of our Platinum Partner Group. As we continue expanding during the 23/24 school year we are excited to announce three additional platinum partners. This group provides overwhelming support and they have been with us since day one. We certainly appreciate their support and continued partnership".

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