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Thompson High School Game day traffic, parking and general information

On behalf of Alabaster City Schools, Thompson High School and the Thompson Athletic Department, we look forward to welcoming you to campus as we host the 2nd annual Go Gold Bowl tomorrow, August 22nd, 2020

In an effort to provide an optimal game day experience for our fans and guests, below is information regarding parking, traffic flow, and general stadium guidelines. Please review this information so that you are familiar with our facility layout and procedures.


Traffic can enter campus off of Thompson Road and Kent Dairy. All traffic entering from Thompson Road can remain straight or turn right regardless of parking credentials. All Kent Dairy traffic without reserved parking credentials must remain straight and will be forced to turn right into general parking without exception. There will be NO left turn entering from Kent Dairy without reserved parking credentials.

General parking is available around campus at no seperate additional cost. General parking lots are located on the left side of the main campus, behind the main campus, and to the right of the main campus. The parking areas surrounding the stadium are designated as reserved spaces.

Multiple areas across campus are designated as NO PARKING, such as grassy areas or along any curb. Should overflow parking become necessary, security/parking staff members will direct motorists to appropriate areas. As a reminder:

  • All Traffic entering from Thompson Road should turn right

  • All traffic entering from Kent Dairy must remain straight unless they have reserved parking

  • All visiting team buses, trucks, and trailers should turn right off Warrior Parkway and follow the green lines as indicated on the map.

  • Designated handicap parking is available in front of the track and field facility with shuttle to the stadium entrance availble


General admission tickets can be purchased at the gate ONLY WHEN AVAILBLE or online via GO FAN for $12. (Go Fan Fees apply) All tickets are $12. Children ages 5 and under will be admitted free.

Fans must enter through the gates at the East & West sides of the stadium. The designated “visitor” entry gate is located at the northwest corner of the stadium.

Fans entering through the pass gate will enter through an access gate at the North end of Warrior Stadium, accessible from the West side of the stadium. Only individuals with approved credentials will be able to enter through the pass gate.

Stadium access will be determined via authorized credentials. Access to areas other than ticketed areas, i.e., the press box, field or locker rooms will be granted based only on specific credentials and permissions. Credentialed individuals will not be allowed to access reserved seating without a numbered ticket. Reserved seat sections include section 4 and U4. Section U5 and AHSAA-approved coaching card holders must enter through the pass gate, located at the North end of Warrior Stadium, which is accessible from the West side of the stadium.

Warrior Stadium Policies


Public address announcements are restricted to emergency situations and must be requested through the Alabaster Police Department or Thompson High School Administration.

Backpacks, Bags & Other Outside Items

Purses, diaper bags and reasonably sized bags are permitted inside Warrior Stadium. However, all bags will be subject to search and inspection. Unattended bags will be removed immediately.

Thompson High School recommends fans only bring what is absolutely necessary with you to THS Athletics venues - phone, wallet, money, credit cards, car keys. Please leave all unnecessary items at home or in your vehicle. Backpacks and bags may not be stored at the gates or outside of the venue. Any unattended bags will be confiscated and removed immediately (all items will be discarded). Thompson High School Athletics is not responsible for the care or security of any items left unattended. Balls, scooters, bikes, skateboards, etc. are not permitted inside Warrior Stadium. Fans will not be allowed to throw footballs within Warrior Stadium.

Banners and Poles

Banners may NOT be hung and poles may NOT be brought into Warrior Stadium unless approved by Thompson High School Athletic Administration. These can be a nuisance to other fans by obstructing their view of the game and can create safety concerns for those in the area.

Beverage Policy

NO outside food or drink are permitted inside Warrior Stadium.

The possession or consumption of alcohol in areas of Warrior Stadium and on any Alabaster City Schools campus is expressly prohibited. Stadium personnel and law enforcement agencies will enforce this policy. Persons who are intoxicated or who are in possession of alcohol are subject to removal from the stadium.


Cameras are permitted in Warrior Stadium for both fans and members of the news media. All photos taken in Warrior Stadium must be for editorial or personal use only and may not be used for advertising, promotions or other trade purposes, or any other commercial or promotional endeavor, without the written permission of Thompson High School. Contact the Thompson High School Athletic Department at (205) 685-6700 Ext. 6779 with any questions.

Video cameras are not permitted in Warrior Stadium except for the working news media.


No pets/animals will be allowed in the stadium or in the surrounding areas with the exception of service animals with appropriate documentation.

Re-Entry to Warrior Stadium

No Passes Out

Smoking & Tobacco Use

Smoking and the use of all tobacco products on any Alabaster City Schools campus is prohibited. This prohibition applies to all individuals while on any ACS campus, including faculty, staff, students, administrators, contractors, and visitors. Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, snuff, pipes, and chewing tobacco are not permitted

Starting Times

All Thompson High School home football games are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. central time, in accordance with AHSAA policy.

Thrown Objects

The throwing of objects from the stands is strictly prohibited and is cause for immediate ejection.

Tickets, Seating and Entry

Gates will open at 5:00pm. Fans must enter through the gates along the East and West concourse of the stadium. Fans entering through the pass gate will enter through a gate at the North end of Warrior Stadium next to the Tennis Courts. Only individuals with approved credentials will be able to enter through the pass gate.

Stadium access will be determined based on authorized credentials. Access to areas other than ticketed areas, i.e., the press box, field or locker rooms will only be granted based on specific credentials and permissions.


During this time it is important that we make everyone aware of current guidelines and risks related to COVID-19. We have guidelines and protocols in place to mitigate, not eliminate, the risks related to COVID-19. During these times, the safest practice for individuals may include not attending events. However, when attending events it is important that everyone adhere to the state of Alabama mandates related to wearing masks and the recommendations of the Alabama Department of Public Health. If you feel sick, have tested positive or have sypmtoms of Covid-19 you should not attend. All fans should wear a mask when entering the venus and throughout the event. Furthermore, everyone should make an effort to effectively physically distance based on the 6ft social distancing guidelines. Fans are asked to please refrain from congregating unnecessarily, should exit the venu at the conclusion of the game and are encouraged to respect others' space within the venue. Thank You and Go Warriors

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