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Thompson Basketball Releases 2016-17 Schedule, Opens at Home 11/15/16.

The Thompson men's and women's basketball programs will both have a new look this season. The Thompson men's basketball program will be led by first year head coach Kelly Cheatham. Coach Cheatham was previously the head coach at Ramsay High School. Additionally, the women's basketball program will be piloted by first year head Coach Jovanka Ward. Coach Ward was previously the head coach at Homewood High School. Both coach Ward and Coach Cheatham have extensive resumes complete with past championships.

Coach Cheatham participated in the Birmingham area basketball media day and explained that defensive tenacity and hard work will be hallmarks of his new team at Thompson. He still looking for leaders to emerge and has been happy with senior leadership to this point. Coach Cheatham preached flexibiltiy when asked about what type of philosphy and system he woul employ. "We have to be flexible. We are going to have to build our team, our philosophy and our system around our personnel. We are looking forward to an exciting season".

The men's and women's Thompson basketball teams will both open the season at home November 11, 2015 against John Carroll Catholic High School. The season schedules are linked below.

Men's Basketball Schedule

Women's Basketball Schedule

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