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Thomspon Partners with Under Armour

As part of a mutual agreement, Under Armour will become the official apparel provider for Thompson High School. Before and during the month of July Under Armour and Thompson High School worked together to forge a mutually beneficial deal that will help THS athletics realize upgrades across the board in apparel. "It is important that we have one identity throughout Thompson Athletics" said Coach Pitts, THS athletic director. Regardless of the brand and the provider we need one identity" According to Pitts the transition to Under Armour will be over time and THS should have other brands phased out within a year or two. "It is hard to completely phase out all uniforms of a different brand across the board" says Pitts. "those things are far more feasible in college, but we have budgetary limitations and logistical limitations that will force us to transition over a period of time." As part of the agreement BSN Sports will help facilitate the agreement as a dealer and will be an integral part of the process. Coach Pitts said, "BSN will be a huge asset as we move forward with Under Armour. They will be boots on the ground so to speak for the Under Armour group."

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