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Office of the Athletic Director

Athletic Director : Coach Vincent Pitts

Thompson High School Athletics



The Athletics Department, in keeping with the mission of the school, seeks to foster an environment of advocacy and advisement so that student athletes may fulfill life long dreams.  We seek to abide by the rules, develop quality partners in the community, develop our student-athletes, and create a sense of pride, thereby building champions of our future.




 The Athletics Department seeks to provide a premier competitive environment, rich with resources, that promotes academics, sportsmanship, school pride and life lessons. Through the aforementioned, we seek to create positive experiences and ultimate success as an end result. 

Beliefs and Core Values

 The Athletics Department  recognizes a commitment to serve both its student-athletes and the school. It's primary commitment is to provide an opportunity for student-athletes to fully develop their academic and athletic potential. We believe in a family oriented program that will strive to enable its student athletes to be successful in all facets of their lives, both now and in the future. Lastly, we believe in maintaining an attitude that is student athlete centered and striving for championship quality in facets of our program.




People Matter – Have respect for every person. We are in the people business and should strive to serve our student athletes and coaches daily. We must care for, help and empower our student athletes and coaches. Make player's and coache's lives better by doing right.


Do the right thing – Always. Be honest. Say what you mean & mean what you say. Keep your word. Use common sense. Stand for quality and integrity. Earn respect.


Be Great – Grow. We must grow as a department, as teams and as individuals. Bring energy and excitement.  Demand greatness from everyone. Think. Work Hard. Succeed the right way.


Develop – developing student athletes in an exceptional way is our business, our only business. Develop relationships with student athletes. Serve student athletes. Be committed to the development of student athletes and coaches. Understand needs. Meet needs.

Have Fun – We are in the business of people, more importantly children. Ultimately we are in the business of life. Enjoy it. Laugh. Be creative. Celebrate.

Athletic Department Core Values

About Us

The Thompson Warriors compete at the highest level of AHSAA classification, as a member of class 7A Region 3. Thompson fields 13 varsity teams with approximately 850 student-athletes supported by more than 30 full-time staff on the campus of Thompson High School in Alabaster, Alabama. Thompson High School offers a variety of opportunities for students that wish to participate in athletics at many different levels. The warriors offer freshman and junior varsity opportunities in many sports. 

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