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            The Athletics Department, in keeping with the mission of the school, seeks to foster an environment of advocacy, advisement and development so that student athletes may fulfill lifelong dreams. We seek to abide by the rules, develop quality partners in the community, develop our student-athletes, and create a sense of pride, thereby building champions of our future.

             In an effort to develop and support our student athletes we have established the “Give like a Warrior Campaign”. We have identified five initiatives that will help offer significant support to our student athletes. Great coaching, great facilities and resources, and equipment are all vital aspects of a successful program. However, strong support and quality development of the whole student athlete is a high level goal that can and will lead to sustained success for years to come.

             You can help by selecting and donating to one or more initiatives that you feel are important and vital to the success of the student athletes at Thompson High School. Your support will be a building block for future success and growth of the “Give like a Warrior Campaign”. We look forward to cheering on the Warriors with you. Thank you for your support.

Technology Initiative

Thompson High School is seeking to upgrade, add and maintain its technology. In an effort to bring Thompson athletics to more fans, add conveniences and provide a first class fan experience we are hoping to add hardware, purchase and maintain new software and encourage a more widespread use of technology. Technology is vital in every aspect of our athletic program. Its vitality will only increase. So many of our processes are technology based, many requiring enhanced hardware. Increasing the amount of hardware available to our coaching staffs, players and support staff, providing conveniences and creating a great fan experience will all contribute to the growth of Thompson Athletics.

Nutritional Initiative

As part of building a complete, competitive athletic program, we seek to provide the very best for our student athletes. One of the many areas of enhancement has been our nutritional program. Thompson High School has a fantastic child nutrition program, through Alabaster City School, that provides significant advantages and opportunities for our athletes to receive quality nutrition and fuel for their bodies. As part of an ever improving program we will add readily available protein drinks, fruits and snacks and hydration options for athletes to access at their leisure.

ACT Prep Endowment Initiative

The eKnowledge SAT/ACT Prep Project with Alabama High School Athletic Association enters its 13th year assisting Students and Families. The Project sponsors our students and waives the complete $350 course price. The Program works on all devices and computers: iOS, Android, Google, Apple and PC. *The $350 is paid by the Project partnership and sponsors.


There is a student fee of $14.99 for the cost of streaming, student support, customer support, shipping, and materials. All student fees are reinvested to improve the program and reach more families. The Project does not create a profit.

Thompson High School hopes to improve the program by offering a completely free virtual ACT Prep program through an endowment program, made possible by your donation. Any student who successfully completes the eKnowledge virtual ACT Prep course will be eligible to submit their certificate of completion and receive a refund for the full amount of 14.99. This refund will make the program completely free for all THS students

Graduation and NCAA Eligibiltiy Tracking Software Initiative

Thompson High School is seeking to upgrade the manner in which we input, identify and track students and student athletes throughout their high school career. Upgraded software will allow us to seamlessly integrate our current system with a  tracking tool that will show a students real time progress. This particular software will allow us to track all students, academically, from their freshman year through graduation day. Additionally, the program will match a current students progress against graduation requirements and NCAA eligibility requirements. The program will also provide an alert and identify academic deficiencies and provide recommendations for corrective measures 

Athletic Transportation Initiative

Thompson High School offers 14 sports and fields 16 competitive teams. Travel is inevitable. When a team plays away there will always be a cost associated with playing. In the event that there is no money spent or expenses incurred, It will always cost Thompson Athletics to leave campus. The combined programs making up the athletics department spend well over $15,000.00 per year on travel. Travel includes transportation to and from games, special events and summer competition. Donations to this cause will allow the finance department to deduct transportation expenses against these funds and will ultimately free up monies in each individual program.  

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